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Duel is episode three of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


Dylna warns the men to not draw their guns or they will die. One of the men recognizes his as Dylan, to the Thousand Three. Hearing about it, they got scared and ran away. Hototo asks Dylan if he knows a man with a snake tattoo he shows him, but Dylan tells him to forget it or he will be killed. Appare recognizes Dylan and comments he drove that cool car before and informs him that one day his car will be driving in front of him. Looking at Appare's serious face, Dylan tells him to do as he please and leaves.

Hototo was dreaming about his father and how he got killed by a man with a snake tattoo. As he wakes up in the storehouse that Appare and Kosame currently live. Hototo explains he left his family behind in order to find back what was stolen from them, their home, their land, their horses, and his father's life. Hearing he is from a distant place, Appare shows him a map and starts asking him questions about the geography, but Kosame tells Appare to let him rest.

In the morning, Hototo gives Appare information about geography. The captain comes and informs Kosame that they must leave the storehouse as some rich lad wants to rent all storehouses. Appare and Kosame decide to go talk to the man. Al Leon drinks some tea with Sophia Taylor and explains that he plans on winning the race, to show his dad and brothers how strong he is as otherwise they are not convinced on how talented he is and won't let him take over the family business. Appare and Kosame meet Al, but he has no intention on letting them have the storehouse, as he needs the space for tuning his machines, break space for his staff, and space for his dog. Al then introduces himself and tells them he is entering the race on behalf of BNW, one of the three B.I.G. Boss members. Appare comments they are going to be rivals then and as he opens the hood of Al's car, he is impressed by it, but believes there is room for improvement. Appare then challenges Al to a race and if he wins, they can keep using the storehouse. He shows him his steamship and tells Al that in 10 days he will turn it into a car and Al accepts on the condition that if he wins, he will take Kosame's swords.

Hototo returns with some fish he caught, but as Kosame treats him as child, he decides to not give any to Kosame. Appare and Kosame then go looking for car parts. Jing Xialian learns that her team is not entering the Wild Race. Appare visits her and she shows them a place they keep unneeded parts. Appare invites her to his race, but Jing doesn't believe he can beat a BNW. On the next day, Al visits Appare and Kosame, he sees Appare using a two-wheeler he made and gets interested in it, but Appare refuses to let him drive it. Appare suggests that he gives it to him if he wins, but if he loses he will take Al's car. Kosame tries to suggest Al take the two-wheeler instead of his katana, but Al agrees to Appare condition before Kosame manages to finish his sentence.

On the race day, Appare and Kosame arrive late. Jing also shows up, suggesting she can keep Kosame's swords until the race is over. Appare explains the course, starting from the tree, after three kilometers there are two rocks that they need to pass between them and return to the tree. The winner is the one that touches the tree first. As they start, Al's BNW accelerates quickly, while Appare's car barely starts going, but soon they start to accelerate. Appare is aware they are no match for Al's speed, so he takes a shortcut by jumping from a cliff. They are right behind Al when they pass between the rocks and start returning towards the tree. When they reach 400m from the goal, Appare tells Kosame to pull the emergency acceleration booster. They start to accelerate passing Al, but the car starts to break. Eventually, Kosame flying ahead with the engine and falls close to the tree. Kosame then runs towards it and manages to reach it before Al, winning the race and shocking everyone. Al finds Appare crazy and tells him that way he can't win the race, but had won this one, so he gave him the keys to the BNW. Al explains this is his second spare care and he has an even faster one. Appare informs him he will be making a better car too and decides to give him the two-wheeler. Al can't accept it, but Sophia gladly takes it. Appare comments he will need some time to fix their car and is dumbstruck when Kosame believes they are entering the race with the BNW.

A man is told to make sure the race won't start a new age and cause the end of steam locomotives.

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