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Fake is episode seven of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


Kosame, Appare, and Hototo continue the race as Appare mentions that he's installed a gasoline engine to coincide with his steam one. With the newly reborn, "Hybrid" engine, the Appare Team continues forth.

Ahead of the group, Chase and Gil ram through the blockade and charge into the valley. Along the way, they detonate a bomb within the valley creating another roadblock. After Chase gloats over their accomplishment and the two then continue on with the race.

Back at the roadblock in the middle of the valley, the racers including, Al and Jing move the rocks blocking the way. Eventually, Appare's group catches up with Gil and Chase and learn of their plot. Upon reaching blockade at the valley, they warn the others of Chase's plan. Wasting no effort, Chase charges through the blockade and into the valley while a few other racers follow in pursuit. Although Chase's men try and trigger another blockade in the valley, it fails to detonate until Appare's car passes under it. As rocky debris tumbles down upon them, Appare makes brisk calculations to avoid the debris, his engines are damaged in the process of it.

Coming to Appare's team aid are Jing and Al who agree to take turns in helping tow Appare's car. Although Appare is disimissive of that idea, he reluctantly agrees to it in the end. Meanwhile, TJ and Dylan have a brief scuffle over TJ's singing to his music. As dusk starts to settle, Appare's group makes camp. While everyone has proficent survival skills, Appare severally lacks in that department. Later that night, the group discusses how they'll continue on with the race. Also, "New Hototo" the Kosame's prarire dog gets some attention. During a dream sequence, Kosame has a nightmare from his childhood that scares him awake. Kosame then talks with Appare and the eccentric genius notes how he's made illogical choices since the race began. Kosame chalks it to thinking not just with your mind, but other things like your body, heart, and soul.

The following day, Seth anxiously waits for Dylan to arrive at the supply point in Eli, Nevada. As the racers that arrived at the supply point get ready to head off again once the 8-hour time limit wait is over. Appare's group stand in front of Chase's car and call them out for their saboteuring action. However, since there are no rules against what Chase did, they get away with it. Discouraged by this, Al suggests they settle their vendetta during the race. On the other hand, Hototo is adamant to face off against Gil for revenge against his family.

As the angered onlookers start throwing rocks at Hototo for pausing the race and in discrimination, Appare, Kosame, Jing, Al, and even Sophia all come to Hototo's protection. As Kosame tries to calm the crowd down, Gil silences them all with his machine gun before he goes to approach Hototo. As Kosame, Jing and Al prepare to fight him and protect Hototo, "Gil" tells them to stop, and then reveals himself to Hototo as not the real Gil, but an impersonator named Tristan who happens to be the brother of Chase. Chase then steps in and reveals they're really called the outlaws "Bad Brothers". Furthermore, it's noted that Seth was privy to this. Right, when the brothers were about to head off, their car falls apart due to Appare hastily disassembling it. Appare is able to get away with this too as it's not against the rules.

Once again the race starts and Richard's car takes the lead, while several men on horseback were waiting, bearing the snake mark.

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