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Heavy Rain is episode eight of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


In the supply point in Eli, Nevada, Kosame awakens as Appare tinkers away with the car. Appare notes that he can fix it, however, the hybrid engine will take more time to repair. Finished for the time being with his tinkering, Appare passes out due to exhaustion. Jing then notifies the group that the 8-hour wait is nearly up and the race is back on. Kosame then grabs Appare and loads him into the car and takes the wheel. The race starts and Kosame tries to drive the car, but does it in such a sloppy fashion that Appare awakens from his nap and takes the wheel.

Ahead of the group, Al and Jing find that the leaders of the pack were attacked. Nearly all of them died, aside from Richard. They're soon joined by Appare's group and learn from Richard that the racers were ambushed by men on horseback. The ambushers on horseback also reveal that they left a succinct message behind, "Everyone in this race will die". One of the ambushers had a cobra tattoo on his neck and went by the name Gil the Snake. Using his skills, Hototo notes that there are five horsemen that headed north. Richard chimes in and details there's a town up ahead and Hototo wants to chase after them, much to Kosame's disagreement. On the other hand, Appare wants to go after the outlaws too and Jing along with Al are in agreeance. Claiming he'll head back to the city to notify the sheriff about the ambush.

Heading to the town where the ambushers are believed to be at, Appare's group gets a not so great welcoming there. Aside from the sheriff who agrees to help, the rest of the townsfolk know nothing or have nothing to say to the group. This leads to a confrontation between the ambushers and as it turns out the sheriff is part of the gang as well. The group is then beaten unconscious aside from Kosame who tries to fight back, but the memory of his dead mother makes him hesitate. While Appare and the others are apprehended, Kosame is left behind ashamed and guilt-ridden. The middle-aged saloon woman takes Kosame into her saloon where Kosame is served a drink. He then recounts the time where he was 9 years old and his mom died in front of him. This makes the saloon owner propose the question, as to why Kosame became strong in the first place. Considering what the saloon owner told him, Kosame gets the courage to overcome his fears and to confront his friend's captors.

Meanwhile, Appare and the others were set to be hung by the ambushers, Kosame arrives at the scene. Using the "Hangestu Ittoryu" sword style, Kosame incapacities nearly all of the men and rescues his friends. In a confrontation between the sheriff and Kosame takes out the sheriff with the sword technique "Fury Eternal Wary Moon". Once their business is settled there, the group leaves.

That night at the next supply point of Denver, Colorado; Appare and his group arrive at the supply point. Elsewhere, Richard has a meeting with his sponsor who reveals that he's the real Gil T. Cigar.

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