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In the Dark is episode two of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


Appare tells Kosame he won't be fixing their ship, as it was experimental and had done its purpose. Even more, it wasn't fit on crossing the ocean. Kosame then turns to the captain that saved them, wondering if he is willing to take them back to Japan, but the captain explains he won't do it for free and is not interested in the cooking or cleaning service that Kosame offers. The captain tells Kosame to find a job or he will soon starve and in ten years, he may charter a ship to his country.

They try looking for a job, but can't find it. Appare then sees a man that lets you try hitting him, while he only dodges. He decides to do the same service, just a bit cheaper, where they try to hit Kosame. As they start making money, the other man sees they took his clients and decides to pay for three minutes with Kosame. The man is a former pro boxer, tries attacking Kosame, but Kosame easily dodges and points a stick at his throat. Later Appare comments that Kosame is better than he thought and he needs to let them hit him from time to time, otherwise people will stop paying. Kosame then suggests Appare do it, but Appare refuses as that would hurt. Appare then sees a strange car and a flyer for Trans-America Wild Race. Following the car, they go to a race track and Appare realizes this is a race to see which car is faster. Hearing about the Trans-America Wild Race, Appare decides to enter.

Appare starts making plans for his car, while Kosame sulks over Japan. Appare tells Kosame that with the prize money, they can go back, but Kosame doesn't really believe they can win, but still wants to participate with Appare. A boy looks for a man with a neck tattoo, but seeing Appare and Kosame, he comments they are not him and leaves.

That night, Appare and Kosame break into the garage so that Appare can check the cars. As it's too dark, Appare goes to look for a light and sees a lantern on the track, a car then almost hits him and to avoid him, it loses control. A girl comes out of the car and Kosame tries to check if she is alright, but as she sees his katana, she starts attacking him. Kosame has no intention to fight and lets her kick him, which knocks him, meanwhile Appare already inspected her car and realized it was gasoline-powered. The girl realizes they indeed only want to look at the car and apologizes to Kosame and explains she is a chore girl that snuck in to drive a car. She reveals she was fascinated by the cars and wanted to be a driver, but was told women can't be drivers. And since now she had damaged a car, she will be fired. Appare tells her they are building their own car and will be joining the race. Jing explains how dangerous is and how his dream is impossible, but he explains that though being impossible is different than being impossible, just like it's not impossible for her to be a driver, it's just that she allows others to decide how far she can go.

On the next day, Jing confesses that she broke car number 4, but is told the car is in top condition and even doing better and she realizes it must have been Appare. Later that night, Kosame hears something from a back alley and sees the young boy being picked on by some men. He goes to his rescue, but as he sees the man taking out his gun, he recalls his past and freezes. Dylan then shows up and shoots the gun out of the man's hand, saying they are too noisy and is ruining his buzz.

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