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Jing Xialian is the only female racer in the Trans-America Wild Race.


Jing Xialian is a female with indigo-blue hair and pink eyes. She has straight bangs and styles her hair with an open, Asian-style fan in the back of her head. She wears a cropped, pink qipao-style top and loose teal pants. Her pants have big yellow embellishments made of lines and circles. Her design also includes brown leather racing gloves, a red sash around her waist with utility pouches attached, and brown combat boots with big pink flower accessories on each boot.

Jing also has raspberry-pink eyeshadow makeup and small stud earrings.


Jing Xialian is a determined and persistent character with serious racing skills. Jing has a passion for racing cars and wants to become a professional racer, but she faces many hardships because she's a woman. Despite all the sexism she experiences, she decides to enter the trans-continental race in America and make her dreams come true.

Her parents are both Chinese immigrants that own a local cleaners. Her father is the one who taught her about cars, how to race and taught her martial arts.

She has also shown loyalty to her fellow racers and friends Appare, Kosame, Hototo, Al and Sophia, to the point where she is willing to look out and care for one another.