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Kosame Isshiki (一色 小雨 Isshiki Kosame) is one of the main characters in Appare-Ranman!. He is a low-ranked government official who lived in the same town as Sorano Appare. In episode 10 he was shot by Gil T. Cigar, but fortunately recovered.


Kosame has black hair and hazel eyes. He wore a kimono, consisting of a green inner and a blue outer layer. Moreover, he wore a waraji.


Kosame is a wise yet somewhat cowardly samurai. On top of that, he is also a skilled cook and loved to clean and do laundry. This due to the fact that he had to take care of his father and sister after his mother's passing, which left him with PTSD following her mother's murder. As a result, he was unable to kill until he overcomes this following the kidnapping of his friends by Gil's men.

Skills and Abilities[]

  • Swordsmanship: As a Samurai, Kosame is a skilled swordsman. He practices Hangetsu Ittoryu (半月一刀流 Hangetsu Ittoryū, "Half-Moon One Sword Style") and is well-versed in several Secret Skills (奥義 Ōgi).
    • Fury Eternal Wary Moon (烈・永遠不知夜 Retsu: Towa no Izayoi): Kosame quickly launches himself towards the opponent, stops, ducks down to waist length, and unleashes four powerful strikes. Used in Episode 8 against the leader of the bandit group.
    • Majestic Crimson Moon Halo (凜‧紅月華 Rin: Kurenai no Gekka): Can also be used as a counter. Kosame launches himself at the opponent while unsheathing his second sword to parry an opponent's weapon away while using the sword already in his hand to perform several consecutive slashes. Used in Episode 12 against one of Gil's men.
    • Fury Dance of the Wind God (烈・風神舞 Retsu: Fūjin no Mai): Kosame jumps into the air and performs a downward slash, followed with consecutive vertical slashes. Used in Episode 13 against Gil.