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Sunny [Appare], with Occasional Showers [Kosame] (晴れ, ときどき小雨, Hare, Tokidoki Kosame) is episode one of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


The Trans-America Wild Race is about to begin, starting from Los Angeles the first to reach New York is the winner. The first day is a pre-race with a prize of $10,000. The race starts, but Sorano Appare is still tuning their care, making Isshiki Kosame nervous. Dylan and TJ take the lead, but even though Appare started late, they manage to catch up to the other cars.

One year earlier, Kosame practices his skills at the dojo and receive news from Fumi that Lord Kuroda wants to see him. Unable to anymore deal with Appare, Kuroda tasks Kosame to be his overseer. Kuroda mentions he had put Appare in jail with other bad criminals and that if he dies there, no one would be to blame. Meanwhile, Appare is already getting into trouble with the criminals, but before things get too serious, he unlocks the cell and leaves, locking the cell after him. The criminals start asking him to unlock it again, but Appare ignores them and leave. Kosame then arrives looking for Appare, but they tell him, he had already left.

Informing Kuroda of Appare's escape, Kuroda orders him and few other men to find and capture Appare. Kosame takes his sword and visits Appare's brother Hanbei, who tells him that Appare is in their old storehouse. Finding Appare, Kosame is surprised by all the weird steam tech he sees. He informs Appare they are men looking for him and asks him to surrender himself, in hopes they spare his life, but Appare refuses. Kosame then starts begging him as his life would also be affected by what Appare does, while he still refuses, Appare has a request for Kosame. Going through an underground tunnel, Appare takes Kosame to his dock, where he shows his steamship and his dream of making it the fastest ship. That causes Kosame to laugh and not take him seriously, and Appare comments he isn't any different than his brother and father. As he prepares to leave, his big sisters arrive and inform Appare of the men looking for him. Appare tells her he will be going and it will take a while before he is back. Hearing that, she gives Appare a good luck charm.

Kosame goes out to convince the men he can handle Appare, but as they see Appare leaving on his ship, he jumps on. Appare informs him he is going on a long journey and if he doesn't want to come he needs to jump, but Kosame tries to turn the ship back, but accidentally speeds it up. Later that night, the ship had broke due to the use of the emergency acceleration device and Appare is looking if he can fix it, while Kosame complains about the lack of food and water. Appare shares his dream and how as a -kid he had seen his first steamships. As they spend days floating in the sea, they end up being found by an American ship, which takes them to Los Angeles, America.

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  • The first two episodes received an advance distribution and broadcast on different platforms from March 21st. The regular TV broadcast started on April 10th, 2020.