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The Eve, And... is episode five of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


Kosame finishes up his work at his part-time job and quits there. Before he leaves, his boss gives him his severance pay and says he can come back anytime and to not die. Back at the warehouse, Kosame finds Appare sleeping like a log and he prepares him and Hototo for the upcoming pre-start party.

That night at a fancy hotel building, the group meets up with Jing whose beautiful appearance catches Kosame's eye. Finally, a dazed Appare wakes up and wonders where on Earth he is; chiming in, Kosame promotes himself that it's a good thing that he's the "leader". Once it's the group's turn to enter the building, they hit a snag as all, but Jing isn't up to par with the dress code. Entering the scene is Seth who notes all but Jing meets the requirements for the dress code. He also chastises them for it as well which upsets Kosame and makes Jing step in to defend the group. However, Seth continues to berate the group not only for their appearance, but for their race car as well and tries to summon the guards to escort them out. It's at that moment, the racer TJ arrives in his ostentatious looking car playing loud audacious music. Immediately, TJ confronts Seth and inquires if he's appropriately dressed for the party, and Seth acting milquetoast allows it. Leaving his music player at the front desk, Appare demands that he be allowed in too. This starts a small scene that makes it look like TJ and Appare will get into a fight, however, TJ takes an instant liking to Appare. They then enter the party hall and Seth allows the rest of the group to attend the party, so long as they wear a tie, giving his personal tie to Kosame.

Sitting at a table together, Al and Sophia have a chat with Seth who details to them about a rambunctious group of guests. Cutting into the conversation, Kosame approaches the table and informs the rivals that Appare and his friends are sitting at a table not too far from them. An announcer then makes a formal announcement about the race and its rules. As this continues on, Appare's table discusses what has been disclosed thus far. Abruptly, two men enter the party hall and they're Gil T. Cigar and Chase the Bad. After the two are seated, the racer's car's and names are announced.

When Dylan steps out on the balcony, he's confronted by Hototo, who once again asks him about the cobra tattoo. Giving in, Dylan details that the tattoo belongs to Gil, and Hototo tries to confront him, but is stopped by Dylan. The racer then further explains that only his lackeys have that tattoo and that during the race he should show up. Hototo asks for more details, but Dylan doesn't have any, so he leaves the man be.

Returning to the party hall, Appare's car is finally announced and after it, a raffle for the pole positions was to be held. It, however, was interrupted by TJ leading to a confrontation between him and Dylan. Eventually, all of the racers take the stage, and they all "fight" in their own way for the section of the pole position. In his own fight, Kosame beats Al in a cucumber cutting contest, though, Appare wasn't there to be notified of the fact.

The following day, Appare finishes up the final touches on his car, but comments that in time it'll evolve. Afterward, the group gets into their positions for the pre-race and it commences.

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