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We Will Stop You!! is episode twelve of the Appare-Ranman! anime series.


Gil sits in an abandoned and dilapidated church with Sophia and two other men close by. One of the men begs for his life as he has a family, so Gil claims he'll let one of them go if one of them kills the other. The man with the family does so and is released only to be sequentially killed after he makes a run for it. Sophia then starts an argument with Gil who then physically abuses her after she disagrees with him.

Back in the mechanics are where the racers are, Al does a test drive of his newly repaired car and it works. Jing's car is also fixed and Appare puts the final touches on his car once again. A small meeting is held with the racers where Seth informs them that he's managed to gather most of the ransom money and hopes it'll be enough to release the hostages. Seth also informs that they have a ton of guns at their disposal and that the National Guard will be stationed in Chicago. Soon, Kosame arrives and wants to help, but despite Appare's disapproval Kosame joins the crew.

Eventually, the racers arrive at Gil's hideout which is a ghost town 90km away from their current location. When a plan is proposed on how to progress, TJ suggests they go with no plan and just rush into the town guns blazing and whoever dies, dies. Dylan thought of the same idea and Jing suggests they use TJ and Dylan as a distraction in order for the rest of them to be able to sneak into the town undetected. Chase and his brother Tristan then arrive with crates full of red and white signal flares. The white ones are for if you find the hostages and the red ones are if you find Gil. They all then arm themselves and pair up into groups of two and TJ and Dylan start to raid by killing Gil's henchmen by the front gates.

In the church, Gil is notified by his lieutenants about the special event happening in Chicago, but he's displeased that the race hasn't been canceled. One of his henchmen then informs him of the intruders in the, to which, Gil bluntly states for them to kill them. Down in the town, the racers deal with Gil's henchmen and lieutenants. During the shoot out Chase is shot and believed to be dead. Seth is then brought to the hideout by one of the lieutenants and is followed by Chase who's revealed to be alive. He survived the bullet wound thanks to an iron scrap that helped block the bullet from being a fatal shot. Because of the precarious nature of his lieutenant, Gil executes him. Returning to the racers, aside from TJ and Dylan the rest of the racers head to the church in order to confront Gil.

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